March 18th 2021 – Conscious Evolution: “The Next Steps For Humanity” – Soul Birth: Channeling RA Episode 2


  1. Oh you? You’re brand new! aaaaaaargh!!! Mind BLOWN! I always bawl my eyes out when I hear RA. I have been finding so much information on RA lately. Last night, I found, no lie, “The Wanderers Handbook” I am so excited about this! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Rainbow….Yaaaaaaaaay! Fact checkers….pssssssh. Yeah, and who pays these “objective” individuals?

  2. I just listened to the recording & I got a lot out of it. I felt as if I was right there having a discussion with you 3 including RA. I love Sara’s energy when she was channeling & when she was just chatting & explaining her understandings. A ton of ahha’s! Good stuff! Thank you guys

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