March 4th 2021 – Conscious Evolution: “The Next Steps for Humanity” – Basic Scientific Remote Viewing LIVE with Tony Sivalelli


  1. For all those who didn’t do well WE ARE ONE! lol first one I got some of the shapes right including the general shape but forgot he gave the clue! Won’t type more here to give it away! Second one I was waaaaaay off 😉

    1. Hi David, NEVER worry about ‘getting it’ or not. If it were that easy we all would be in the 5th dimension with ShaKa! That is also why a lot of resources were put into this by SRI and the military. It took time to develop not only the protocols for it – but to succeed with some success. If you get a few different things with each target that is pretty solid! Again its not about naming a target per say but about bringing back the data ‘remotely’ (using your 5 senses+). IMHO, the greatest thing to gain by learning SRV is the ability develop intuition, cognitive abilities, focus skills and to be more open to synchronicity in ones life. These things are always there, Basic SRV just helps us to become more aware of them as a by-product. Thank you for the interest!

      1. Thanks so much for your reply Tony, I saw a video years ago on YT but it didn’t say how to get into it, this video of yours is priceless, but sadly my hearing ain’t so hot ATM so I had to turn you right up. Do you have any you have recorded previously elsewhere?

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