A personal message from Dallas Cyr for the Conscious Vitality Fam:

A lot of people are experiencing all kinds of hardships right now.

For some, it is causing or happening at a time of great rebirth in their life. You’re questioning how to move forward. Why what was working isn’t working anymore. How you ended up “here” (dealing with this, struggling, etc)  after all you have done, created been through.

The three main things, areas I have guided my clients through over more than 11 years as a spiritual guide, life coach and mentor to conscious, soul guided impact-driven entrepreneurs is:
Self-love and self-reinvention after Divorce 
Navigating the struggles of business after exhaustion or failure.
Quitting and leaving a career as a corporate leader to IGNITE a business or life mission.
In this interview and discussion you will learn:
Navigate failures, missteps, and challenges with more power and grace.
Ground and reconnect to yourself AS THE PURPOSE.
Reawaken the King or Queen within you!
And discover the power of the GeneKeys and how they support you in healing your shadows and IGNITING your greatest gifts in the world!
The Offer For to the Conscious Vitality Family

1-hour session walking through the magic of Using the GeneKeys and a reading of your personal Holographic profile.

We’ll deep dive into the most effective way to use the GeneKeys for success.
What your chart tells you about your shadows, gifts, and highest genius.
And how to best navigate whatever you’re needing support within your life or wanting to accomplish most at this time! 
Investment Amount : $333.00

Here is the link to schedule your Gene Key’s Calls with Dallas Cyr https://calendly.com/dallasmichael/-coaching-consultation

Re-IGNITING your Purpose: Navigating major life transitions with power and grace to emerge better than EVER!


      1. Beautiful name choice too man, I have a couple of Crystals but neither have legs lol… An amethyst for my third eye and an artificial one rejecting 6/5/4G

    1. Yes I helped Nassim and them raise some monies waaay back in 2012 and received one of the first Ark crystals ever. Nassim’s pretty cool. I haven’t seen enough evidence yet to verify the benefits to justify the price tag they’re currently selling for however personally.

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