November 4th 2021 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: The Power of the Human Spirit Featuring Cathy O’Brien


  1. I am leaving the military to pursue Naturopathic medicine, if you open a center I would love to assist where I can!

  2. Amazing to see Cathy interview with Laura, thank you for this gift – I knew Cathy’s story back when her book Trance-formation first came out and we saw her speak later at Shasta in 2011. Cathy your spirit keeps getting stronger, thats a testimony to what is possible in a human mind/body. Thanks Laura for waking us up! I am sharing this as widely as I can….
    Love and light!

    1. I simply love all your episodes on conscious vitality. I am a Personal Fitness Training/Life coach/Shamanic energy healing. If you EVER need help in any way Opening your center let me know.?

  3. Where I differ is that I do not believe it was an accident Trump was elected in 2016. They changed plans and burned Hillary. When they were done with Trump they easily stole the 2020 election and installed the demented
    old fool Biden.

  4. Thanks Cathy and as always love Laura soul sister of mine <3
    Bought your ebook Cathy with what I could afford – God Force blesses you both

  5. Thank you very much …
    I am a victim of trauma mind control for years and I did not know about until they hit me very bad with DEW in Feb 2020 in UK …
    I am awake since they hit me hardly with directed energy attacks 24/7 and gang stalking when I was in UK and I am US citizen civilian !
    I was in my apartment in Norwich UK when I wake up on microwave and sonic attacks and the harassment from the neighbors …. I called the police but they refused to make the report that I am attacked with DEW and stalked and harassed by the neighbors … I learnt not to tell the corrupted police that I am attacked with directed energy because the police called the corrupted emergency to lock me in mental ward in Norwich hospital for ten days and I was attacked the highest DEW with sexual rape and rape to my body and brain with directed energy ! Burnt my skin with microwave all my back and back of my neck and my genital private areas !!
    I decided to leave to my country to USA after I got out the hospital but I was attacked horribly directed energy weapons attacks with sexual rape and cooking my brain all that in the airport too at UK airport and inside the airplane all sexual rape and severe microwave and sonic attacks even inside the flight from UK to USA ten hours !!
    I am traumatized with DEW attacks while being harassed with gang stalkers all fulling the flight !
    I went to Seattle where I was attacked very horribly too and gang stalked and the people like zombies participating in gang stalking in Seattle like in UK Norwich and London !
    Then I left to Ireland where I was also attacked burning my skin with microwave and gang stalked by hundreds just like in UK and USA …
    I went to Spain where I was attacked also DEW and gang stalked and in Spain I started to observe that all the business owners and the gang stalkers receiving their orders to harass me via synthetic telepathy !! all on synthetic telepathy !!
    I became homeless in Spain that I lived in the underground parking lot !
    with directed energy weapons Remote Neural Monitoring RNM the evil entity now read every one mind and thoughts …also with RNM they see through people eyes means they know everything any person they do !!! Also with RNM they hear what the people hear through their ears !!
    This means everyone now with zero privacy and they know everyone passwords and this coin may fail because of that !!
    Everyone on RNM means ” zero privacy ” and the evil entity can see what we see and they can hear what we hear and they can visualize our thoughts on their supercomputer !!!!
    It is treason against the people !!!
    The evil entity used directed energy weapons to do 9 11 terrorism and the evil entity using directed energy weapons to enslave humanity and spy on them by taping the people brains with directed energy weapons and read every single neurons in the brain and body to visualize everything on their supercomputer screen !!!

  6. I subscribed to CV mostly just for this interview… love both of you Cathy and Laura! Thank you both for your commitment to changing the world!

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