October 14th 2021 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Upgrading in the Face of Adversity – An Interview


  1. Thank you Laura for the inspiration and knowledge, you mentioned your upcoming book and your intention of not putting personal stories in it.
    I am convinced that your book must have autobiographical component to it, we love listening to the stories, specially if it is your first book. Every human life story is a fairy tale written by God, no life is trivial, personal stories mixed with the messages and inspirations are more powerful than just the message. Thank you again I am not sure why I felt like writing this.

  2. Cosmic Gaia Oct 14, 2021, starve the beast solution is so right on. Love you both for having the courage to express things I can identify with. Many thanks for the encouragement you give.

  3. Laura, you are truly brilliant. This knowledge is greatly appreciated. Your mind is brilliant, and if people can’t understand you now that’s because they are still evolving. I have come to this channel specifically for you. Your truth is resonating with many at this time in history. I am so grateful for all
    Of your research. Thank you. Warmest regards Janelle Malone

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