September 30th 2021 – Cosmic Gaia with Laura Eisenhower: Overriding Negative Alien and Deep State Bio-Weapons with Dr. Christopher Macklin


  1. Why did Christopher spend three weeks in Belize with a group of Freemasons? (Knights of Templar)

    Why is he working with leading world bankers (DS) on his pyramid project?

    Why did he say, “Im actually a part of the agenda” when Laura asked if he thought people were aware of the schools and such being involved?

    Why does he use a pentagon during his healing sessions?

    Why does he say he’s not a Christian if he agrees with (loves) Jesus’ teachings?

    Why is he unable to heal himself?

    Why does he operate under the 501C 3 when its known to be affiliated with the DS?

    Why is he also known as “Lord” Christopher Maklin? How close is he to the royals?

    Anybody look up the stats on his businesses?

    Just curious

    1. Can I give my two cents here, Chris isn’t working with “deep state” bankers, just bankers, if deep state find out what and where, the projects are toast. He’s not into Christian “religion”, same as me (and Aaron Abki on here, check his videos and you’ll understand.) His affliction is healing, it’s half the size since the last video I saw of his, but he doesn’t seem bothered by it anyway, wears it like a talking point. He spoke of it then. I too am a “Lord” like my dad, but the Royals have nothing to do with us “Lords”, we are simply “sovereign land owners” in the British Isles. I haven’t had it integrated into my name as I find it an issue rather than a benefit. I think as Chris is more closely integrated with the God Force than most, he doesn’t have issues “working on” people, whoever they are and whatever they do…. Chris says he helps whomever asks . Pentagons upright are ok (called “The Star Of David”) and used for good. This is of course just my own two cents having seen Chris’ videos and listened to him speak on many things previously. Plus I am OLD and spent most of my life reading and researching lol… have you tried going to ? God Bless

  2. I have noticed a lot of what I considered to be gurus and great spiritual teachers are recommending the lethal injection. This has been quite startling for me. I automatically distance myself.

  3. I love this whole talk. I have known Christopher I think from last 5 years and used his healing services.

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